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Aerojet is committed to its environmental social responsibility program.

Actualizado: 9 may

The main purpose of the 100% Costa Rican capital company for 2021 is to become a Blue Flag company and measure its carbon footprint.

In 1988, Aerojet began operations in Costa Rica with the objective of positioning itself as the leading company in the dispatch and disembarkation of cargo, commercial and private flights. Since then, it has focused on working responsibly and offering its clients a professional, efficient and comprehensive service.

This also entails a commitment on the part of the company to promote and execute an environmental social responsibility program, with which this year 2021 it seeks to become an Ecological Blue Flag company, a program whose award is given annually in the country and that recognizes the efforts of different organizations to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change.

“For us, as an organization, it has been vital that our operations have the environmental social responsibility program as a fundamental pillar. During all these years we have strived to ally ourselves with business partners and allied suppliers on an ecological level. That has always been our purpose,” said Oscar Granados, head of quality at Aerojet de Costa Rica.

Thus, one of the company's main objectives is the acquisition of between four and eight pieces of electrical work equipment that will allow it to gradually eliminate the use of fossil fuels, also contributing to being more efficient in terms of energy for its operation.

Initiatives like these, which seek to generate a positive impact in the fight against Climate Change, have been recognized at the national level, since for four consecutive years (2017-2020) they received the award for Best Company with Environmental Management, becoming Aerojet de Costa Rica becomes a stronghold as an organization.

To these are also added other awards for the work carried out at the level of occupational safety, among which are the FOD Walks, which consist of taking tours throughout airports to prevent foreign objects from causing any type of damage to aircraft.

“A large number of collaborators are assigned to carry out this type of work, as we consider it essential to promote this type of good practices, not only for the safety of our human talent, but also for that of our clients. Teamwork is essential to stand out in this industry,” says Chavarria .

For Aerojet de Costa Rica, it is essential to have environmental partners who share its ecological philosophy. An example of this is that the oilseed water is transported by a company in Puntarenas to the Cemex headquarters to be destroyed, while the burned oil is taken to Cartago to be treated, all with the purpose of recycling.

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