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The vision of a future full of growth and challenges

Updated: May 9

Aerojet de Costa Rica began operations in 1990. Since then, the company has focused on consolidating itself as the leading company in the sector thanks to its professionalism and customer service.

Luis León Portela López was 18 years old when he officially began his career as a pilot in Costa Rica, which allowed him to get up close and personal with the work being done at different airports in Central America and Colombia. Just four years later, he became a partner in an airline, as a result of his effort and commitment to being the best in his profession.

Ground Handling Services AEROJET Guatemala

As time went by, he noticed the need that existed in our country for a company specialized in the boarding and disembarking of airplanes, capable of offering a first-line service to customers and that had the technical team, but, above all, the human team. Trained to meet the requirements that were demanded of them.

This is how Aerojet de Costa Rica began operations in 1990, a company that throughout all these years has become a reference for the aeronautical sector. Their philosophy of being the best in cargo air service and VIP corporate flights .

“We decided to enter this business due to the enormous need that existed in the market for a company that was efficient, that had the latest technology equipment and that, in addition, its staff was continually trained on the advances of this industry. That has been the key to remaining leaders and as a reference until now,” León explained.

Ground Handling Services AEROJET Honduras
Laura Granados AEROJET

His wife Laura Granados agrees with him, who manages the financial and administrative part of the company, and who assures that the fact that they have expanded to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras during all this time is a sign that their work, characterized due to efficiency, commitment and dedication it pays off.

From their perspective, a company like Aerojet de Costa Rica is a very important element in the functioning of a nation's economy, something they confirmed with the COVID-19 pandemic. By having the necessary equipment to unload medical supplies, food, among other essential items.

During the national and international emergency caused by the virus, the company's work doubled, so they receive planes from different parts of the world daily, making their work essential. It was not just about unloading an aircraft, but their effort went much further, even as they are part of a chain that tries to save millions of lives.

“This has been possible, not only due to the constant investment in quality equipment, which is the backbone of the company, but also due to the investment made in training each of our collaborators. Added to this is also the creation of programs for the well-being of each of them, since the schedules are very demanding,” says Laura.

Both assure that aviation is a 24-hour job, in which it does not matter if it is Christmas, New Year, Easter, since they work 365 days a year. Being aware of this is also a recognition of the dedication of each of those involved in caring for the aircraft and their respective loads.

When asked about future plans, the couple expresses that the main objective is to continue working daily to be the leading company in the sector, not only in Costa Rica, but also in the rest of Central America. That is the north to follow.

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